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Special cargo transport

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Special cargo transport

For special cargo we mean all types of heavy and bulky items that exceed standard weights and dimensions. Transport of special and oversized cargo is subject to strictly defined rules and regulations relating to the dimensions of the cargo, the way the cargo can be transported, the transport routes, as well as the time of day when it is allowed to carry out this type of transport.

Transport specijalnog tereta

Under the category of special cargo we can include the following types of items:

  • large metal and concrete structures,
  • large boilers and propulsion equipment,
  • plant equipment,
  • machinery,
  • large cranes and industrial elevators,
  • harvesters and other agricultural machines,
  • all types of ships or yachts,
  • large transformers,
  • turbines for hydro and thermal power plants,
  • windmills for wind parks, etc.

Organizing special cargo transport

Such a demanding transport needs to be planned a few days in advance and before the start it is necessary to obtain permits to move these types of cargo. It should be performed at optimal routes and sometimes it’s necessary to ensure the technical and police escort. In the case of international special transport where trucks crosses one or more national borders, custom formalities and all legal rules and procedures must be followed.

Transport of un-standard, bulky and heavy loads requires experience and special equipment, since the large dimensions and specific characteristics of the cargo itself require special caution in:

  • protection of people, assets and the cargo itself,
  • packaging of items,
  • loading and unloading from / to trucks,
  • transfer of items from the facility in which they are located.

ProMove – your choice for special cargo transport

Our trained team of workers will easily and without any risk to carry out all the necessary operations for the preparation, loading and unloading those types of cargo, as well as their positioning at the desired location in the facility or outside. Manipulation with special loads requires special skills and experience in working with state-of-the-art equipment:

  • hydraulic hoists and lifts,
  • all kinds and types of forklifts,
  • cranes,
  • hand pallets,
  • hooks and hoists for manipulation,
  • gripping devices,
  • robots and other machines,
  • equipment for overcoming stairs and inaccessible terrains.

Naša firma poseduje veliko i dragoceno iskustvo u organizovanju transporta specijalnih tereta u Srbiji i inostranstvu. Naš profesionalni tim je obučen za demontažu, montažu, popravku i rukovanje specijalnim mašinama i alatima koji omogućuju brz i efikasan transport specijalnih tereta. Naše dosadašnje poslovanje i renome garantuju kvalitet i sigurnost izvršenja svakog posla koji nam se poveri.


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