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Freight transport Serbia

Freight transport is an essential part of every business and it is very important activity for every country. In our country, goods are transported by road, rail, water, rarely by planes. Road transport is certainly the most important - the length of all roads in Serbia is about 41,000 kilometers, and only in Belgrade annually are transported around 2.5 thousand tons of cargo. Road transportation can be carried out cars, trucks with or without trailers, trailers, tanks, refrigerated trucks, etc. This transport can be carried out “from door to door “system, which is most cost-effective system of organizing the freight transport.

Types of cargo

ProMove carries out transport of all kinds of goods and cargo from and to all destinations in Serbia. We have a fleet of vehicles and modern equipment capable for loading, unloading and transport of:

  • conventional goods
  • bulk cargo
  • container transport
  • liquid cargo
  • goods transported by refrigerated trucks
  • transport of dangerous substances
  • special cargo of large dimensions
  • we are capable to accept various types of cargo as bulk cargo (grains, agriculstural products, fertilizers, coke, coal, metal ores, salt, sand, stone, asphalt, etc.), on pallets, in sacks, in containers and other.

Our advantages:

Our company has extensive and valuable experience in organizing transport of cargo and goods in all parts of Serbia, as well as abroad. The following things recommend us:

  • our experience
  • precise planning and selection of the most optimal relations which enables the most efficient and most cost-effective transport of goods
  • modern, technically correct and well equipped vehicles that can carry out all types and quantities of cargo
  • our skilled and experienced drivers who know all the places, roads, streets and alleys in all parts of Serbia
  • our employees are well trained in loading and unloading of goods of all kinds – they have knowledge to use all kinds of cranes, forklifts and other equipment
  • we possess all necessary licenses and certificates for carrying out internal as well as international traffic
  • in our logistic center, forwarding and other services works skilled and ambitious workers
  • we strictly respect the agreed deadlines
  • with us freight transport in Serbia is far cheaper than to organize within your company

ProMove is a reliable partner that achieves better business results from year to year due to the large number of satisfied users as well as our continuous investment in equipment and employees. Transport can be done by “door-to-door” system, and the possession of various vehicles enables us for optimum response to every request we receive from our clients.

Years of experience and our reputation guarantee quality and safety execution of every job that is entrusted to us. We have experience and expertise that guarantee the fastest delivery time for your goods.

Our working hours are 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so be free to call us.


If you have additional questions REGARDING international removals, removals in Belgrade or our other services be free to contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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