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About us


About us

ProMove is a removing company from Belgrade whose main activity is the organization of all types of removals and storage services, moving houses or offices, as well as the organization of transport of all types of cargo in the country and abroad. In a very professional way we carried removals in Serbia and abroad using “turnkey” system.

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Also, we are organizing transport services to all destinations in the world by using a “door-to-door” system.

In addition to our basic activities we provide some additional services:

  • packing, disassembly and assemblage of furniture and other things,
  • loading and unloading,
  • removing specific items (pianos, artworks, parts of furniture, etc.)
  • cleaning apartments and office premises
  • temporary storage of moving things
  • free assessment
  • transport of unnecessary things to the landfill
  • customs services, assistance in customs clearances
  • special cargo transport

We have following technique of work: before taking the job, our professionals come to the site to arrange the details, make a precise plan and perform a free assessment.

For every type of removals or cargo transport we can provide an adequate vehicle and offer the most optimal and most efficient option.

The time of removing is very important, because several factors has to be take into account, and here our experience and our expertise are irreplaceable.

We are proud of our values, and we pay a great attention to them:

  • We have a responsible approach to our business and every ours client,
  • We respect the agreed deadlines,
  • All our services are completed quickly and professionally
  • We have very competitive prices,
  • We have modern vehicles that meet all technical requirements for performing international transport,
  • And last but not the list are ours experienced and worthy employees. They know all legal and customs processes in each country, they know what documentation to collect, which permits need to be obtained, which fees should be paid
  • Our trucks are clean and safe, our drivers knows every step of roads in Serbia and European countries

If you need partner for removals in Serbia, Belgrade or anywhere in the world, ProMove is the right partner for you. ProMove is your partner of the highest trust, and you can always rely on us.

We are available to you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


If you have additional questions REGARDING international removals, removals in Belgrade or our other services be free to contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


ProMove from Belgrade, is specialized in international removals, removals in Belgrade and all other types of relocation. Our company is a member of international associations, which is another indicator of the quality of our services.

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