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International removals


International removals

International removals, are our specialty and our trademark.


There are many reasons for international migration:

  • getting a new and better job
  • opening a new company or a representative office in other country
  • studying
  • marriage
  • emigration - looking for better live conditions

International removals

International removals are a very specific type of service, people wants to move their things inanother country, so they must obtain all of the necessary documentation, and has to be made a very detailed plan. If everything is done properly, the chance of some unpleasant surprise at the border is reduced to a minimum. Our agency has a lot of experience, knowledge and technical capabilities to do this very complicated and serious business.

An international removal means moving from one country to another. They are complicated than local removals which take place within country, or in the same city. They carries a certain amount of uncertainty and complication because the crossing of state borders means:

  • Collecting various documents and permits required by each state
  • Every country has its own legislation and specific procedures that must be met
  • It is necessary to pay lots of fees and expenses
  • Each state has its own customs and non-customs procedures that must be known
  • Items and thing must be packed by the rules of each country
  • They must be marked and listed into the list; the tags must match the content in the boxes
  • Requested security requirements must be met
  • International removals are long-lasting, overcomes long relations, and this requires adequate vehicles that can overcome a long journey. You can’t stuff things on an old van and hit the road
  • The carrier must be licensed for international transport
  • International removals requires a very detailed and precise plans

When all this is taken into account, the question arises why someone would carry all his things with him. The answers are logical:

  • To buy new things is quite expensive – in some countries furniture and home appliances are very expensive
  • Also clothes and footwear can be expensive, and good question is why should you be purchased twice some things
  • people are emotionally bound to their possessions
  • people likes to be surrounded by works of art, paintings, books or other things that have been carefully collected for years


It is possible to organize international removals by you, but it takes a lot of time, knowledge, experience and nerves. So, the best advice is to hire specialized removal company that has experience in international removals, as well as the necessary resources. They are in position to guarantee that there will not be unpleasant surprise at the border. Our agency Pro Move is your natural choice. We have a modern fleet of vehicles that meet all the technical requirements for carrying out transport abroad, our employees have knowledge, reputation and experience in international transport.

Besides transportation, ProMove also performs all the following services:

  • take things at your address
  • Their delivery to the agreed destination
  • Loading and unloading
  • Preparing the necessary documentation
  • Carrying out customs procedures
  • We can store your stuff
  • Cargo insurance

There is no reason to give up in front of the great demands of international removals. Just simply call the Pro Move agency. We will do everything to get you painlessly to your new home.


If you have additional questions REGARDING international removals, removals in Belgrade or our other services be free to contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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