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Removals Serbia - removals out of Belgrade


Removals Serbia - removals out of Belgrade

We are organizing smaller and larger removing operations outside of Belgrade, to any city and place in Serbia. Cities such as Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac, Subotica, Čačak, Valjevo, etc. are ours often destinations. Internal migration in Serbia is relatively frequent; people leaves villages to city and smaller towns to larger urban centers (especially to Belgrade) for various reasons. Most common are:

Removals Serbia - removals out of Belgrade

  • Better and well paid job
  • Marriage and other family reasons
  • Better opportunities for business
  • Education and studying, etc

Moving from one city to another is not easy. Suddenly, your way of life is changing, and removals itself are stressful, exhausting and time consuming.


You can relocate yourself on your own or hire a professional removal company. If you choose second option, we recommend our company ProMove. We will complete your removal in a few steps as follows:

  • At the beginning, we will make a free assessment of your removal, so you will know what to expect, what is ahead of you, how long it will take, and how much it will cost you
  • We carefully plan each stage of removing - from the choice of vehicles that are most suitable to your needs, finding parking location, choosing the safest and most economical traffic route, how many workers are needed, types and quantities of packaging boxes, etc, etc
  • Packing your belongings – we are using our own package and wrapping materials (boxes, foils, adhesive tapes, etc.)
  • If you have large items such as furniture, home appliances and other belongings with too large dimensions for safe transportation, we disassemble them. After arriving to the new location, we are re-assembling them
  • Loading and transferring your belongings to the truck (this phase can be the most difficult due to difficult access, narrow stairs or no lifts, inability to park right next to the building so belongings should be carry out manually, and other unexpected problems. Especially demanding is carry the stuff out through the windows
  • Transportation of your belongings to new location with our adopted vehicles
  • After arriving at your new apartment, we will unload, unpack, and put your belongings to their places
  • If it’s necessary, we can offer you the temporary storage of your belongings in our warehouses
  • We give special attention to specific loads such as pianos and other musical instruments, artworks, fragile objects, safes and other items that require greater attention and knowledge

Why ProMove?

Our company has a great and valuable experience in organizing freight and moving transport in all parts of Serbia, as well as abroad. We can perform removing operations of all types and volumes, regardless of the location in Serbia.

We can organize removing by “turnkey system” where you just give us the keys from both apartments and we are performing a complete relocation. You can also prepare your belongings for transport by yourself, handed to us packed in boxes, and we do their loading, transport and unloading.

We also provide services for moving business premises and entire companies to any place in Serbia.

Our workers have a huge experience with removals Serbia, they know all cities, all roads and streets in entire country. We have a modern fleet of vehicles that have passed the technical inspection, able to perform either smaller removal of individual of furniture, as well as large relocations of larger residential or commercial buildings.


If you have additional questions REGARDING removals in Belgrade or our other services be free to contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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