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Removals in Belgrade are one of our most wanted services. Belgrade is a big city where fluctuations of the population are frequent. Lots of people are coming and going from here; they are coming from abroad or from other towns in Serbia, or they move from one part of the city to another. Belgrade is a real magnet for people who come for a variety of reasons.

Removals in Belgrade

Reasons for moving in Belgrade

Search for better job opportunities - Belgrade offers better opportunities for finding a job; here are the biggest banks, a large number of private and state companies, institutes, all state institutions, the most famous world companies have their representative offices, etc;

In Belgrade the average salary is higher than in the rest of the state, so that is enough motivation to coming here;

Studying and professional specialization – the best faculties are situated in Belgrade. We can mention University of Belgrade which is listed on Shanghai's list of the world's best universities, Megatrend, University Union, and many more;

Marriage or other family reasons;

Entertainment, sport and cultural events – the best theatres in Serbia are here, probably only in Belgrade cinemas are working, here you can see a good game, restaurants, discotheques and bars are almost always full. That’s a real magnet for young people and those a little older.

Removals in Belgrade

Removals in Belgrade are not eassy, they can be very tiresome, stressful, long-lasting and complicated.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Belgrade is a megalopolis with population of almost two millions, with long commuting distances, and even people who are born here have problems with orientation and finding the right streets and places
  • Traffic in Belgrade is heavy, chaotic and unpredictable
  • It is very difficult to find a parking space
  • In some parts of the city streets are very narrow, packed with parked cars and trucks and other vehicles have difficulties with finding an access and maneuvering
  • Some parts of the city are located on a hilly terrain, which is important when you are choosing type of removing vehicle
  • In many buildings especially older ones, there are no elevators or they are often broken. This leaves you with the choice of carrying things down the narrow and steep stairs

You can ask your relatives and friends to come and load things in their cars, and completed your relocation by yourself. But there is also an easier way - hiring a professional removing company. With them, removals are easier, faster and without any nervousness and stress.

Reasons for hiring removing company

  • The agencies are working with experienced and physically strong workers which knows their job
  • Their experience helps in the orientation, sometimes is very important to know from which side of street to approach to the object, how to find a parking spot, etc.
  • Removing companies have variety of vehicles that can be used for various types of relocations, depending on the amount of things you have, or parts of the city where the removing operation is carried out. Sometimes it’s better to use van, sometimes smaller truck, or bigger one, etc.
  • In some cases it is impossible to use stairs in the building, so the parts of the furniture have to be entered or brought out through the windows. For that you need special equipment that you do not have, but professionals from removing company certainly have
  • Things must be packed in adequate packaging (boxes, foil, adhesive tapes, styrofoam etc.). Instead of looking for box in local store, contact the removing companies, they have everything you need. And also, they are better in packaging and unpacking things, so it does not get wasted too much time
  • It is recommended to hire a removing company if you have some specific items that you want to be with you in your new home, such as pianos, pictures, vases, aquariums, some old and valuable piece of furniture, large flowerpots etc.
  • Removals should be planned for several days in advance, and experienced professionals who are doing this on daily basis knows its best

Final words

Removing companies have resources, people, vehicles, knowledge and experience. If you still doubts, feel free to call our company ProMove, you will get the best advice and free assessment of your removing. Trust us - you will not regret it.


If you have additional questions REGARDING removals in Belgrade or our other services be free to contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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